About Next Property Group

Next Property Group is a team of urban entrepreneurs who are dedicated to improving and growing the City of Toronto through the development and operation of properties that bring out the best in our city.

We see opportunities long before others do. Opportunities in neighbourhood clusters that have sometimes been neglected and overlooked. We play a unique role in shaping the catalytic vision for places we love and help to grow – retrofitting and bringing back to life older properties with more to give, or developing empty spaces into vibrant communities to live, work and play. We love natural materials that give back – to the environment, to the warmth and atmosphere of the properties they shape – and by tapping long established benefits for strength, safety and structural integrity.

A values-based organization – we pride ourselves on strong respectful relationships with our customers, our partners and our investors, and the quality of workmanship that goes into everything we do. We invest in projects that create superior financial returns for our stakeholders and partners. We are analytical, imaginative, and inspired to create properties with long term value.

Next, together with its predecessor company, has deep experience with projects dating back to 1982. We built and renovated more than 10 million square feet and planned and developed 3,000+ acres of land in both Canada and the United States. Our history shows us constantly looking to the future. In fact – we were the development arm of Ontario’s first broadband “networked” community, Intercom Ontario, where together with Northern telecom, Bell Canada and IBM, we helped explore and envision the power of broadband to residential homes.

Today we are a team of optimistic realists who creatively weave life into our buildings to make properties come alive with communities of the very best and brightest our city has to offer. Workplaces that possess the backdrop to help the collaborative and creative process thrive. We are dedicated to having our customers excited about their work environments and love being there.

We are our next project.

Lura is a consulting firm that provides neutral, third-party engagement on issues of importance to the community. Lura is providing community engagement services on this project to ensure that stakeholder feedback is received and shared back to key decision-makers in a clear, accurate manner. For more information visit www.lura.ca